Drug Discovery & Safety MSc


During the Master's in Drug Discovery and Safety students can specialize themselves by doing a Major in one of the following disciplines:

  • Drug Discovery & Target Finding (Molecular Pharmacology)
  • Drug Disposition & Safety Assessment (Molecular Toxicology)
  • Drug Design & Synthesis
  • Computational Medicinal Chemistry & Toxicology
  • Biomarkers & Clinical Chemical Analysis

The Master programme Drug Discovery and Safety offers four different variants for graduation:

  • Research variant (O-variant)
  • Society oriented variant for natural and life sciences (M-variant)
  • Communication variant (C-variant)
  • Education variant (E-variant)

Global Composition of Master Programme

Compulsory courses36-42*303030
Research project (Major) including report42242424
Colloquium and Thesis12666
Practical training (company training)-3030-
M or C projects-1812-
Educational training---60
Optional programme24-30*1218-
Ethics and portfolio academic skills6---
Total EC120120120120

Ad *) Depends on the specialization: Biomarkers & Clinical Analysis requires 42 EC compulsory courses with 24 EC optional programme, other specializations require 36 EC compulsory courses with 30 EC optional programme.

In order to start a minor or major research project or a company training or an internship abroad, at least 18 EC of the Master's programme should be obtained. Upon recommendation from the Master’s coordinator, the examination board may also require that a specific course has been completed successfully within the mentioned 18 EC.

Students should arrange the composition of their Master's programme in consult with the Master's coordinator. The examination board formally has to approve the composition and extent of the Master's programme.

Master co-ordinators

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