International Business Administration (BSc)

The BSc International Business Administration is a three year full-time programme taught in English. The first two years of the bachelor’s programme revolve around fundamental disciplines relevant for any business professional, including Strategy, Organization, HRM, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Supply Chain Management and Technology. Moreover, the academic core in year one and two provides a thorough introduction into Business Mathematics, Business Research Methods, and Academic Skills. Additionally, year two offers electives that offer you the opportunity to develop your knowledge on the different business disciplines in developed versus emerging economies.

In the third year, you will gain international experience by studying the first semester abroad. This exchange to another university is mandatory. Back in Amsterdam, in the second semester of year three you will specialize yourself in a discipline of your choice. This last part of your studies also includes completing a your BSc Thesis on an international topic of within that discipline. Both your study abroad as well as your specialization provide you the opportunity to develop your own profile and prepares you for a specific career in the job market or for a potential Master programme. Completing this program will grant you the internationally recognized title of ‘Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration’.

The BSc International Business Administration is a three year full-time programme, taught in English, and consists of 180 EC.

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  • After your bachelor:
    The admission requirements from the Bachelor's programme International Business Administration to the FEWEB Master's programmes 2018-2019 has not been determined, yet. As soon as the admission requirements for 2018-2019 have been established, they will be published. For an indication of the admission requirements, you can take a look at last year’s study guide (under General Information> After your BSc).
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