Literature and Society

For the bachelor Literature and Society there are two different specializations: Dutch and English.

1st year
During the first semester, students of Literature and Society take one course together, namely Literature, Culture and Society. In addition, they take two courses that form a basis for the rest of the study programme. For the Dutch track, these are Literatuurwetenschap and Literaire Analyse; for English, the courses are Literary Theory and Genre and Literary Analysis.

The second semester curriculum introduces several aspects of either the Dutch or the English specialization, which will be explored in greater depth in the second and third year. This way, your first year offers a good overview of the entire study programme. You also take the following three general courses in the first year: Academische Vaardigheden // Academic Skills, Academic English and Methoden & Technieken // Methods and Techniques.

2nd year
During the second year, you develop a more thorough understanding of English // Dutch literature past and present, as well as further exploring certain aspects of the literary field. Two general courses are again added to the curriculum, namely Philosophy and History of Knowledge.

3rd year
The third year consists of two parts. In the first semester you choose a minor, while in the second semester you follow the graduation track. The minor takes up a total of 30 ECTS. To earn these credits, you are free to choose any course you like. However, we strongly advise you to consult your study advisor on whether to align your choices with future career opportunities or rather to use this semester to increase your scientific knowledge. The graduation track in the second semester also counts for 30 ECTS. To earn these credits, you take three 6-credit courses and the 3-credit dissertation colloquium. The last 9 credits are awarded to you once you complete your BA dissertation, in which you describe the results of your own individual research project.

Programme overview

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