Watson Innovation

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Period 2
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prof. dr. L.M. Aroyo
prof. dr. L.M. Aroyo
prof. dr. L.M. Aroyo
A. Dumitrache MSc
Teaching method(s):
Lecture, Computer lab

Course objective

The Watson Innovation course is a collaboration between the Vrije
Universiteit, University of Amsterdam and IBM Netherlands. It offers a
unique opportunity to learn about IBM Watson, cognitive computing and
the meaning of such artificial intelligence systems in a real world and
big data context. Students from Computer Science and Economics faculties
will join their complementary efforts and creativity in
cross-disciplinary teams to explore the business and innovation
potential of these technologies.

Course content

- Basics of Cognitive Computing and IBM Watson
- Understanding the original IBM Watson
- Develop ideas for Cognitive Computing apps
- Build real prototypes using IBM Watson technologies
- Showcase your ideas to real clients.

Form of tuition

Lectures & practical sessions at locations of the VU Amsterdam and IBM

Type of assessment

Evaluation of group projects and individual peer-reviews

Course reading

Course lecture slides and related articles:
- What is IBM Watson?
- Building Watson: An overview of the DeepQA project
- CrowdTruth papers (http://crowdtruth.org/papers/)

Recommended background knowledge

knowledge in machine learning is recommended

Target audience

A balanced mix of Computer Science, AI, Information Science, Business
Analytics and Business & Economics students (from VU as well as UvA) in
their 3rd year of bachelor or master level.

Registration procedure

Places are limited, so sign up as soon as possible. For questions,
please contact b.timmermans@vu.nl or oana.inel@vu.nl


dr. L.M. Aroyo, B. Timmermans, O.Inel, A. Dumitrache

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