MSc Biomedical Sciences, Second Year ICSE Specializations

The I/C/S/E specializations are only available in the second year of the
International Public Health (IPH; 54 EC)
Science Communication specialization (54 EC)
Specialization Science in Society (SiS; 54 EC)
Education specialization (60 EC)

The prescribed scope of the specializations in IPH, Communication or SiS
is 54 EC, and includes:
• 4 courses from the specialization (24 EC)
• an internship within the specialization (30 EC)

The Master's programme is completed with the compulsory general courses
(6 EC) and a first year research specialization (60 EC; including the
literature thesis (9 EC)).
Name course part Code Pdf
Communication Specialization AM_BMED-CS
Education specialization Biology AM_BMED-ES
Specialization International Public Health AM_BMED-IPH
MSc Biomedical Sciences, Specialisation Science in Society AM_BMED-SS
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