Master Cardiovascular Research - Practical Training

In total, a student has to spend 66 EC for two Internships: a Minor
Internship (30 EC) and a Major Internship (36 EC). Both Internships have
to be performed at a research laboratory or clinical research group
acknowledged by the Examination Board of the Master Cardiovascular
Research. The Minor Internship may be any (bio)medical topic related to
Cardiovascular Research and has to be performed at one of the
departments of the VU/VUmc, AMC or Sanquin. The Major Internship must
have a cardiovascular character and should preferentially be performed
outside the VU or abroad. Each Internship needs to be approved in
advance by the Examination Board.

The Master thesis includes the results of the Major Internship,
integrated with and from the perspective of the knowledge acquired in
the compulsory education. The Master thesis will get a uniform cover
provided and designed by the Master programme.

All regulations regarding Internships and required forms can be found on
the faculty website ( regulations apply to all
students, which started the Master Cardiovascular Research in 2016 or
Course name Period Credits Code Pdf
Major Internship Ac. Year (September) 36.0 M_CMAJORI16
Minor Internship Ac. Year (September) 30.0 M_CMINORI16
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