Master Cardiovascular Research - Optional Courses

The optional courses are intended to deepen the knowledge acquired in
the compulsory courses. These options cover both theoretical and
practical aspects of cardiovascular and biomedical research. Your choice
of courses will depend on your own interests and the focus of your
practical training. In principle you will be given the greatest possible
freedom to choose, however the board of examiners has to approve your
choice. We encourage students to find optional courses outside our own

Below you find the link to the optional courses organised by the VUmc
School of Medical Sciences. Via this link
you find a list of all optional courses followed by students in previous
years, including courses at other faculties and institutions.
Course name Period Credits Code Pdf
Radiation Protection Course, Level 5B Ac. Year (September) 3.0 M_ORADPRO04
Policy, Management and Organisation in International Public Health Period 2 6.0 AM_470819
Proteomics in Biomedical Research Period 3 3.0 M_CPROTBI09
Biobusiness Course Period 3+4 3.0 M_OBIOBUS10
Life Cell Imaging Period 3+4+5 3.0 M_CLIFECE09
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