Master Cardiovascular Research - Study of Literature

The Literature Study will be carried out under supervision, but in this
stage of the education it is expected that the student acts highly
independent. It is also possible that the student proposes his/her own
subject and presents an own question. The study may be focused on a
scientific (bio)medical question, but a more applied or social question
is also allowed. The literature objective may be related to the Major
Internship. The aim of the Literature Study is that the student will be
able to select, evaluate and critically discuss relevant literature.
Based on the literature analysis, the student has to clearly explain not
only the state-of-the-art, but also the limitations and problems in the
literature. Depending on the context of the study, the student has to
formulate recommendations and strategies for further research to solve
remaining problems. The Literature Study is written in the format of a
review paper. It might be advised to use the concept of a systematic

All regulations regarding the Literature Study and required forms can be
found on the faculty website ( These regulations apply to
all students, which started the Master Cardiovascular Research in 2016
or later.
Course name Period Credits Code Pdf
Literature Study Ac. Year (September) 9.0 M_CLITSTU16
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