Master Cardiovascular Research - Compulsory Courses

The first semester of the programme consists of compulsory courses that
provide you the basic knowledge about the main themes in cardiovascular
anatomy, physiology, pathology, treatment options and science. The last
two courses will support you to improve your academic skills. Master
Cardiovascular Research students need to positively conclude at least
three out of the first four compulsory courses to start their Minor
Internship or Literature Study.
Course name Period Credits Code Pdf
Cardiac disease Period 1 6.0 M_CCDMDT16
Heart and circulaton:basic principles Period 1 6.0 M_CHCBP16
Diabetes and vascular disease Period 2 6.0 M_CDVDMDT16
From advanced imaging to stemcells Period 2 6.0 M_CFAISC16
Biostatistics Period 3 3.0 M_FBIOSTA16
Writing Scientific English Period 3 3.0 M_FWSE09
Name course part Code Pdf
Academic Core Cardiovascular MO_CACCORE14
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