M Computer Science track Internet & Web Technology

The Internet and the World Wide Web play an ever more central role in
our society. This specialisation is concerned with large-scale computer
systems, especially computer networks and the Internet. Important topics
are: Internet and Web protocols, distributed systems, network security,
development tools for network applications, peer-to-peer technology,

Note: Every programme, including the choice of optional courses, has to
be discussed and agreed upon with the master coordinator or a personal
mentor and approved by the Examination Board.

Master Coordinator:

dr. S. Voulgaris
K room R-447
T +31 (0) 20 598 3715
E spyros.voulgaris@vu.nl
Course name Period Credits Code Pdf
Literature Study and Seminar Ac. Year (September) 6.0 X_405111
Master Project Ac. Year (September) 36.0 XM_400442
Internet programming Period 1 6.0 X_405082
Service Oriented Design Period 1 6.0 X_405061
Distributed Systems Period 2 6.0 X_400130
Performance of Networked Systems Period 4 6.0 X_405105
Distributed Algorithms Period 5 6.0 X_400211
Web Services and Cloud-based Systems Period 5 6.0 XMU_418110
Name course part Code Pdf
Constrained Choice Mathematics XM_CS_B3
Societal Perspectives on Computer Science Constrained Choice XM_CS_B6
Pre-approved Elective courses XM_CS_R1_K1
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