Track Software Engineering and Green IT

Some people define software engineering as: 'the application of a
systematic, quantifiable approach to the development, execution, and
maintenance of software. It is a broad and comprehensive field, in
which engineering plays an important part, next to psychological and
managerial aspects. Keywords are evolution and complexity.
The field continually evolves, as the type of systems as well as the
world at large changes. New developments such as outsourcing, global
system development, service-orientation and the incorporation of off-
the-shelf software profoundly influence the field.

Note: Every programme, including the choice of optional courses, has to
be discussed and agreed upon with the master coordinator or a personal
mentor and approved by the Examination Board.

Master Track Coordinator:

Prof.dr. P. Lago
K room T-422
T +31 (0) 20 59 87745
Course name Period Credits Code Pdf
Literature Study and Seminar Ac. Year (September) 6.0 X_405111
Master Project Ac. Year (September) 36.0 XM_400442
Green Lab Period 1 6.0 X_418158
Service Oriented Design Period 1 6.0 X_405061
Software Asset Management Period 1 6.0 X_400412
Distributed Systems Period 2 6.0 X_400130
Software Architecture Period 2 6.0 X_400170
Software Testing Period 5 6.0 X_400439
Name course part Code Pdf
Constrained choice Foundations of Computing and Concurrency XM_CS_B2
Constrained Choice Mathematics XM_CS_B3
Societal Perspectives on Computer Science Constrained Choice XM_CS_B6
Pre-approved Elective courses XM_CS_R1_K1
Constrained Choice Programming XM_CS_R5_B2
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