M Computer Science track Foundations of Computing and Concurrency

This track aims at Computer Science students with a general interest in
the application of formal methods in computing, concurrency and the
design and verification of software systems. Some theoretical
disciplines that play a central role are term rewriting, process
algebra, distributed algorithms and type theory. Foundational
disciplines include logic, recursion theory and complexity.

All these topics have a wide range of applications, of which we mention
just a few. Tools developed from process algebra are used in protocol
validation. Term rewriting is used in the execution of equational
specifications and lies at the basis of functional programming and the
analysis of infinitary processes. Distributed algorithms are of central
importance for the efficient use of concurrent systems. Logic and type
theory form the basis of proof checking, used in software verification.

In all of the above areas courses are offered. To mention a few
examples: Distributed Algorithms, Logical Verification, Protocol
Validation, Term Rewriting Systems, Concurrent System Design by
Abstraction. The programme can be enhanced by choosing one or more
appropriate mathematics courses.

Note: Every programme, including the choice of optional courses, has to
be discussed and agreed upon with the master coordinator or a personal
mentor and approved by the Examination Board.

Master Coordinator:

dr. F. van Raamsdonk
K room T-446
T +31 (0) 20 598 7710
E f.van.raamsdonk@vu.nl
Course name Period Credits Code Pdf
Logical Verification 6.0 X_400115
Literature Study and Seminar Ac. Year (September) 6.0 X_405111
Master Project Ac. Year (September) 36.0 XM_400442
Protocol Validation Period 1 6.0 X_400117
Distributed Systems Period 2 6.0 X_400130
Advanced Logic Period 4 6.0 X_405048
Distributed Algorithms Period 5 6.0 X_400211
Term Rewriting Systems Period 5 6.0 XM_400121
Name course part Code Pdf
Constrained Choice Mathematics XM_CS_B3
Societal Perspectives on Computer Science Constrained Choice XM_CS_B6
Pre-approved Elective courses XM_CS_R1_K1
Constrained Choice Programming XM_CS_R5_B2
Constrained Choice Software Engineering (6EC) XM_CS_R5_B5
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