Track Parallel Computing Systems

Course name Period Credits Code Pdf
Literature Study and Seminar Ac. Year (September) 6.0 X_405111
Master Project Ac. Year (September) 36.0 XM_400442
Parallel System Architectures Period 1 6.0 XMU_40015
Programming Large-scale Parallel Systems Period 1 6.0 XM_40017
Distributed Systems Period 2 6.0 X_400130
Parallel Programming Practical Period 2+3 6.0 X_400162
Programming Multi-core and Many-core Systems Period 4 6.0 XMU_40018
Performance Engineering Period 5 6.0 XMU_40016
Name course part Code Pdf
Constrained choice Foundations of Computing and Concurrency XM_CS_B2
Constrained Choice Mathematics XM_CS_B3
Constrained choice Software Engineering (6 EC) XM_CS_B5
Societal Perspectives on Computer Science Constrained Choice XM_CS_B6
Pre-approved Elective courses XM_CS_R1_K1
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