Entrepreneurship (Joint Master's Programme)

The joint VU-UvA MSc in Entrepreneurship provides academic and entrepreneurial skills, as well as knowledge of and insight into entrepreneurship. Accordingly, graduates are equipped to analyze theoretical and practical problems in the field of entrepreneurship from a range of perspectives (business, social, societal, economic, ethical), and are able to be critical about theoretical and practical solutions chosen. Students acquire knowledge of the academic literature in the field of Entrepreneurship and are trained in methods and skills for applying this knowledge in empirical research and the analysis of the policy and practice of entrepreneurship.

The master's programme takes one year. The academic year is divided into six teaching periods: four periods of eight weeks and two periods of four weeks. The programme's study load is 60 credits. Credits are expressed in EC: European Credit. Each credit amounts to circa 28 hours studying.

The MSc Entrepreneurship is a one year full-time programme, taught in English, and consists of 60 EC. It is a joint degree programme of VU and UvA.
• Academic and Examination Regulations (OER) SBE Master’s degree programmes, Teaching and Examination Regulations
• Transitional arrangements due to curriculum changes (document will be published soon)

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