Communication, Organization and Management

Course code:
Period 2
Language of tuition:
Fac. der Aard- en Levenswetenschappen
dr. E. Muniz Pereira Urias
dr. E. Muniz Pereira Urias
dr. E. Muniz Pereira Urias
Teaching method(s):
Lecture, Study Group

Course objective

To get acquainted with theories on organisational behaviour
To obtain a deeper understanding of communication from the perspective
of sharing and influencing results
To acquire knowledge on organisational structures and designs
To get acquainted with important theories on organisational transitions
and change management
To acquire insight into different management practices in the health and
life sciences sector
To gain insight in leadership and interpersonal behaviour
To obtain insight in methods for motivation and conflict management
To improve communication skills
To practise analytical and advisory skills

Course content

Organisations in the health and life science sector are changing fast, a
phenomenon driven by newly emerging technologies and increasing societal
complexity. A growing number of students with a beta degree will hold
professional and managerial functions in these organisations. During
this course students will learn how to be effective performers within
these environments, both individually and in teams. This requires an
understanding of the macro aspects of organisational behaviour,
including designing organisations, managerial skills and ways of
strategic thinking. Several speakers conduct lecturers on aspects as
motivation, managing interpersonal behaviour, leadership, communication
and developing and changing organisations. The speakers explain theories
from literature and relate them to their practical experiences. Also,
practical cases of health care companies will be analysed and discussed,
resulting in advisory reports for management. With the other students
you discuss your experiences and a coach helps you relate the
experiences to theory.

Form of tuition

Lectures: approximately 22 hours
Response lectures: 4 hours
Training workshops 16 hours
Self-study and writing project assignment: remaining hours.

Type of assessment

Written exam (60%;) and assignment (40%). Grades of both parts must at
least be 6 or higher.

Course reading

To be announced on Canvas

Target audience

Compulsory course within the Master programme Management, Policy
Analysis and Entrepreneurship for the Health and Life Sciences (MPA) and
the Societal differentiation of Health, Life and Natural Sciences
Masters programmes


Attendance to training/discussions is indispensable

dr. E.M.P Urias
guest lectures will be announced on Canvas

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