Master Theology and Religious Studies 1 year, Specialization Spiritual Care

For the elective in period 2 (6 EC) choose from the Research modules or
Professional Stream modules.
Course name Period Credits Code Pdf
Master Seminar Ac. Year (September) 6.0 G_MASEM
Thesis Ac. Year (September) 12.0 G_1MATHES
Hermeneutics Period 1 6.0 G_MAHERMN
Spiritual Care 1 Period 1 6.0 G_SPICA1
Research Skills Period 1+2+3 6.0 G_RESSK
Spiritual Care 2 Period 2 6.0 G_SPICA2
Internship Period 4+5 12.0 G_INTERN
Name course part Code Pdf
Research Modules G_RM
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