Minor Operations Analytics

Here you will find all descriptions of courses in the minor. Please go to www.minor.vu.nl/en/ for more information about the contents of the minor programme.

By an exciting set of carefully selected courses and business cases, in
this minor you will explore the spectrum of analytics skills required
for becoming successful in decision making in business. These skills
range from identify problems requiring managerial action and translating
managerial decisions into mathematical models, to applying, designing
and programming algorithms for solving the resulting mathematical
problems, to eventually drawing managerial conclusions taking into
account behavioral aspects. After finishing your minor, you will be
ready for better decision making in business with your quantitative
talent as a firm basis.

The students.
The minor is aimed at a mixture of students from Econometrics and
Operations Research and students from Business Administration with a
strong quantitative interest. However, any student in the Netherlands
and abroad with an interest in applying mathematics in a business
environment should be interested in this minor. Specifically, students
from all over the world in Applied Mathematics, and Industrial
Engineering are more than welcome to join.

If you want to acquire experience outside of the university, to apply
the theory you studied in real-life, then this minor offers you the
opportunity to do an internship. The internship is 12 EC and will
replace the case oriented courses (Supply Chain Dynamics and Integrative
Practice Lab). In general it will be at a company and will be concluded
with a written report. A few talented students may be offered the option
to do a research and teaching internship within the participating
departments. The internship always has to be approved by the coordinator
of the minor.

This minor contains 5 compulsory courses. The 30 EC programme is
entirely taught in English. Instead of the courses Supply Chain Dynamics
and Integrative Practice Lab you may choose to do an internship. Note
that the internship has to be approved by the minor coordinator in
Course name Period Credits Code Pdf
Operations Analysis Period 1 6.0 E_EOR3_OA
Transport and Distribution Planning Period 1 6.0 E_EOR3_TDP
Data Analytics Period 2 6.0 E_EOR3_DA
Supply Chain Dynamics Period 2 6.0 E_EOR3_SCD
Internship Minor Operations Analytics Period 2+3 12.0 E_EOR3_IMOA
Integrative Practice Lab Period 3 6.0 E_EOR3_IPL
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