Operations Analysis

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Period 1
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School of Business and Economics
dr. R. Roberti
dr. R. Roberti
Teaching method(s):
Lecture, Instruction course

Course objective

Upon completion of this course, the students will have learned the
To analyze and solve operations management problems through a variety of
models and concepts.
Professional skills and quantitative methods
To apply tools to direct, design, deliver and develop processes,
products and services using quantitative decision models
To analyze and develop solutions for stylized case problems in teams
Link to practice
To relate to the practice of analyzing and managing processes and
operations through guest lectures from professionals

Course content

Operations management is the process of managing people and resources to
create a product or a service. This course provides the student with
analytical and quantitative methods to support the operations function
and the decision making process in an organization. We will focus on a
number of topics at a strategic, tactical and operational level that are
in reality closely related. We will analyze and solve key issues arising
in operations management, such as facility layout and location,
aggregate planning, project scheduling, operations scheduling and
controlling. We will also investigate the applicability of the studied
techniques by developing solutions for case studies and through guest
lectures from practitioners.

Form of tuition

Lectures and Tutorials

Type of assessment

Written exam – individual assessment
Case assignment – team assessment

Course reading

Nahmias, S. (2013). Production and Operations Analysis, McGraw-Hill
A selection of additional papers that will be made available via

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