Supply Chain Dynamics

Course code:
Period 2
Language of tuition:
School of Business and Economics
dr. N. Dzubur MSc
dr. N. Dzubur MSc
Teaching method(s):
Lecture, Study Group

Course objective

In this course students will learn to understand and simulate dynamics
in supply chains using management games and system dynamics simulation.
This course provides students hands-on experience with dealing with
supply chain issues in realistic game settings, gain an understanding of
how behavioural issues interact with rational decision-making in a
supply chain and with modelling real life situations in a dynamic
Quantitative methods:
The students will apply quantitative (dynamic) simulation to understand
core operations decisions in a supply chain. We will particularly pay
attention to system dynamics.
In this course students work in teams on complex operations decision
problems. They will learn how to deal with conflicting interests and
problems they need to solve as a team.
Link to practice:
In this course we study and mimic realistic settings that relate to
decision-making in operations practice.

Course content

After successfully completing this course you are able to analyze
operations decision making using behavioral and system dynamics lenses.
More specifically you will:
• Understand and be able to analyse and model operations management
problems using system dynamics;
• Gain experience in dealing with actual operations and supply chain
problems using management games;
• Gain in-depth insight into how behavioural aspects influence decision
making in game settings.

Form of tuition

Lectures and Tutorials

Course reading

Sterman, John D. (2000), Business dynamics: systems thinking and
modeling for a complex world. Boston: Irwin McGraw-Hill
Other literature (via Canvas).

Recommended background knowledge

Knowledge similar to the Supply Chain Management 1 courses in the VU
bachelor BK/IBA programme is highly recommended. Otherwise a course with
contents similar to the following book: Chopra and Meindl (2013). Supply
Chain Management: Strategy, Planning, and Operation. Global edition.
Pearson Higher Education, 528 pp.

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