Integrative Practice Lab

Course code:
Period 3
Language of tuition:
School of Business and Economics
prof. dr. G.T. Timmer
prof. dr. G.T. Timmer
Teaching method(s):
Lecture, Study Group

Course objective

Learn how to model a business problem in such a way that:
- the resulting models are simple enough to allow for analyses and
optimization and
- are close enough to reality to make the results practically relevant.
Deepening the understanding of optimization methods through hands on
Practice the communication with - and the presentation of results to -
business owners.

Course content

An essential part of the Operations Analytics program is to expose the
students to actually apply the knowledge they have on modelling and
optimization techniques using the computer. During the course, students
work together in small groups on selected cases that originate from
At the start, it is not clear how optimization techniques can be used to
improve the business process that is central in the case. Nor is it
clear which optimization techniques should be chosen.
Interpreting the business process and modelling it in a way that
selected optimization techniques can be applied successfully is central
in “solving” the cases.

Form of tuition

Group discussions on (intermediate) reports of the groups, with input
from both the students from other groups as well as from the teacher,
also giving directions for next steps in the research, are combined with
background information by the teacher on models and techniques that
could be relevant for the cases at hand.

Type of assessment

Research reports – team assessment
Oral examination – individual assessment

Course reading

Dedicated articles and background information on the problems that are
studied in the cases.

Entry requirements

Knowledge and skills acquired in other four courses of the minor
Operations Analytics or in an a similar curriculum. Experience with a
computer language like R or Python.

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