B Biomedical Sciences year 1

The curriculum for the Bachelor's program in Biomedical Sciences dates
from academic year 2014-2015. From academic year 2018-2019 on, this
program is offered in English.

The Bachelor's first year forms the basis, it provides a first overview
of Biomedical Sciences and is intended to broaden knowledge in various
fields, in particular the molecular biology. The academic year consists
of 6 periods: period 1, 2, 4 and 5 are eight weeks, period 3 and 6 four
weeks. In the eight week periods the student follows two courses in
The courses in year 1 are:
Period 1: Introduction to Biomedical sciences and Genetics
Period 2: Biochemistry and Cell biology - histology
Period 3: Microbiology - toxicology
Period 4: Human development and Evolutionary developmental biology
Period 5: Research in Biomedical Sciences and an elective course
Period 6: Immunology

The various biomedical concepts are offered in the courses within the
context of healthy and sick people. In all courses attention is paid to
the learning and practicing of the general and academic skills.
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