B Business Analytics year 1

First year for students started in 2018/2019.

Right at the start of your first year you get familiar with the field of
Business Analytics. You learn to solve business problems by combining
data analysis and mathematical modeling geared towards practice. As
mathematics and programming form an essential part of your work as a
future Business Analytics professional, the focus of the first year is
to lay a thorough theoretical foundation in mathematics and programming.
Moreover, you will participate in projects where you apply your
knowledge and skills to practical and business oriented situations.

The first year consists of 60 EC of compulsory courses.
Course name Period Credits Code Pdf
Calculus 1 Period 1 6.0 X_400635
Instruction for fire Extinguisher - Theory Period 1 0.0 X_000003
Introduction to Business Analytics Period 1+2 6.0 X_400619
Introduction to Programming (Java) Period 1+2 6.0 X_400634
Calculus 2 Period 2 6.0 X_400636
Project Business Analytics 1 Period 3 3.0 X_400316
Sets and Combinatorics Period 3 3.0 X_400621
Operations Research Period 4 6.0 X_400618
Linear Algebra Period 4+5 6.0 X_400042
Probability Theory Period 4+5 6.0 X_400622
Accounting Period 5 6.0 E_IBA1_ACC
Project Business Analytics 2 Period 6 3.0 X_400572
Risk Management Period 6 3.0 X_400578
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