Computer Science BSc

Computer Science consists of a wide variety of methods, insights and skills that are related to the scientific and practical use of computers. This is why the Bachelor program has both a technical and a broad character. The technical side consists of Programming, Computer Systems and Networks, Data Structures, the Theoretical Fundaments and the use of Mathematics and Logic.

The core of Computer Sciences also consists of methodological disciplines, like for example Software Engineering, Conceptual Modeling, Specification Methods. Next to that there is a big variety of applications: Parallel Computing, Security, Internet and Web Applications, Multimedia, Protocol Validation and Business Aspects, that you will see back in the Master programs.

During your studies you will encounter different teaching methods, depending on the courses you are following. Next the lectures and work groups you will also do programming assignments, work in a project, write reports and give presentations. In this way you don’t only learn about theory but also learn to use the skills needed later in a job related environment.

More information

  • All compulsory courses and electives you find in the year schedule;
  • A complete description of the programme you find in the Teaching and Examination Regulations;
  • For more information about the programma you can contact the academic advisor (VU students only);
  • As a VU student you need to register for all courses via VUnet. Only after you completed your enrollment for the study programme you can register for courses;
  • More information on all the courses you find through the links below.
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