B Computer Science year 1

The first year program has multiple goals. Firstly it is meant to teach
the students basic skills required in following years of the curriculum.
This consists of course with logic and mathematics and the principles of
programming as subject. Secondly the courses give an overview and
introduction of the main subjects in the whole Computer Science
Course name Period Credits Code Pdf
Computational thinking Period 1 3.0 X_400475
Computer Programming Period 1 6.0 XB_40011
Introduction Computer Science Period 1 3.0 X_401087
Physical Computing Period 2 6.0 XB_40008
Systems Architecture Period 2 6.0 XB_40009
Web Technology Period 3 6.0 X_400488
Computer Networks Period 4 6.0 X_400487
Logic and Sets Period 4 6.0 X_401090
Academic Writing (BETA) Period 5 3.0 L_ETBAALG006
History of Science Period 5 3.0 X_400318
Networks and Graphs Period 5 6.0 X_401010
Project Application Development Period 6 6.0 X_400556
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