Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology

An anthropologist studies the wide variety in human societies. Why are there so many different cultures? Why are some countries economically more developed than others? What happens when people with different cultural backgrounds interact? Why do people in some cultures stress gender identities, while in other religious or ethnic identities?

In the bachelor Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology (CADS) you will learn that religion, ethnicity, identity and gender are closely intertwined with and related to economic, political and other power structures.

The bachelor programme offers a solid basis for understanding such issues. You will study the various aspects of human societies and learn to understand how people themselves give meaning to the world and to own their lives. Next to that you will be introduced to the other social sciences, so as to understand the specific perspective and contribution of anthropology. From the second year on, you will be able to attend elective courses of your own interest and prepare yourself for a subsequent Master programme and your future professional career.

Exit Qualifications 
Year schedule 2018-2019
Teaching and Examination Regulations (TER) 2018-2019

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