Econometrics and Operations Research (BSc)

The Bachelor's programme in Econometrics and Operational Research and its Specialization Econometrics and Data Science aim to train broad-oriented econometricians that can successfully enter into quantitative follow-up educations or can join the labour market. The programme sharpens the analytical thinking of the students by combining thorough mathematical training with knowledge from application domains such as Economics, Finance, Business, and Data Science. Special attention is paid to the modeling and testing of economic problems and theories in mathematical as well as statistical terms.

The study of Econometrics and Operations Research together with its Specialization Econometrics and Data Science is a three-year bachelor programme of 180 EC. During the bachelor, students get a thorough theoretical training, but at the same time attention is paid to the application of this theory to concrete problems. During in the first two years, the training is broad, and students are made acquainted with theories and methods from mathematics and statistics, applied informatics, and economics.

In the third year of the programme, there is room for a minor of 30 EC. Depending on the selected minor, this offers the possibility to integrate 12 EC internships into the study.

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