First year International Business Administration

The first year consists of obligatory courses.

The final grade for the course Academic Skills is only granted if the
conditions of Research Participation I are met.

In the first year a there is a Binding recommendation on continuation of
studies (BSA). This means that you must have earned at least 42 credits
at the end of the year, plus the course Business Mathematics (E_IBA1
_BUSM) in order to continue your study. For more information,
take a look at VUnet.
Course name Period Credits Code Pdf
Business Mathematics Period 1 6.0 E_IBA1_BUSM
People in Business and Society Period 1 6.0 E_IBA1_PBS
Research Participation I Period 1+2+3 0.0 E_IBA1_RPR1
Economics for the Global Era Period 2 6.0 E_IBA1_EGA
Organization Theory Period 2 6.0 E_IBA1_ORGT
Academic Skills Period 3 6.0 E_IBA1_ACSK
Business Statistics Period 4 6.0 E_IBA1_BS
Global Supply Chain Management Period 4 6.0 E_IBA1_GSCM
Accounting Period 5 6.0 E_IBA1_ACC
Cross Cultural Marketing Period 5 6.0 E_IBA1_CCM
Business Processes Period 6 6.0 E_IBA1_BP
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