Second year International Business Administration

In the first semester, the second year continues to introduce the core
discplines of IBA. In the second semester, the academic core continues
with a strong focus on the research skills, including both quantitative
and qualitative research methods.

Moreover, the second semester zooms in on the international context of
the business environment by explicitly discussing different disciplines
in the setting of developed versus emerging economies. As student, you
will be able to select those electives that appeal to your own personal
interest and start to shape your own personal profile of expertise.

Again, in year 2 of the IBA programme you will continue to actively
participate in research and to further develop your skills set. You will
join the course Research Participation II, which you will need to
complete as part of the requirements for BRM I - Quantitative. During
BRM I, you will actively reflect on your learning experiences related to
Research Participation II.

Note that:

- In order to be able to start with the Bachelor Thesis in year 3,
students need to have completed 120 ECTS, which include the courses 2.4
BRM I, 2.5 BRM II, and 2.6 Integrative Research Project before the
deadline for thesis registration (28 February of 8 October). This means
that you will have to complete these courses in your second year to
avoid study delay in year 3.

- In case you want to enter a master programme after your bachelor, keep
in mind that each master programme has its own entry requirements. It is
important to inform yourself about these entry requirements, as in some
case (e.g., MSc Finance) you are required to take an additional course
in order to meet those requirements in addition to the IBA program.
At you will find the admission requirements of all master
programmes. At the introduction page of this study guide you will find a
link to the specific courses that count as entry requirement for the SBE
master programmes.
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