Third year International Business Administration

The third and final year of the programme offers students the
opportunity to develop their personal profile. In semester I the
mandatory exchange takes place. Upon return, in semester 2, you
specialize in the discipline of your choice. This specialization will
also prepare you for related Masters' programmes at this School or
elsewhere, in case you would like to continue studying after your

In case you want to enter a master programme after your bachelor, keep
in mind that each master programme has its own entry requirements. It is
important to inform yourself about these entry requirements, as in some
case (e.g., MSc Finance) you are required to take an additional course
in order to meet those requirements in addition to the IBA program.
Therefore, take a look at this study guide, under General Information>
After your BSc, for the specific entry requirements to the SBE master

For students that started their Bachelor International Business
Administration in September 2013 or earlier and who still have second
year courses left to complete, transitional arrangements apply.
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Third year International Business Administration - Exchange E_IBA3_EX
Third year International Business Administration - Obligatory E_IBA3_O
Third year International Business Administration - Specialization E_IBA3_SPEC
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