Bachelor Literature and Society, Program English

The Bachelor program Literature in Society has two tracks: A Dutch track and an English track. For more information on the Dutch track, please consult the Dutch study guide.

BA program Literature and Society: English

1st year
In the first year, students are introduced to literary analysis and literary theory. They learn how to read a Brontë novel as well as a film version of a Shakespeare play. The lecturers will train their general academic skills and also kindle their creative writing practice. These are the courses of the first year: Literature, Culture and Society; Literary Theory; Genre and Literary Analysis; Literature and Globalization; Creative Writing; Shakespeare on Film; English: International Communication; Digital Literary Studies; Academic Skills, Academic English.

2nd year
After the first year, students have a solid base from which to explore the relations between literature, culture and society. They will be taken from the Renaissance to the twenty-first century, reading canonical English works of literature as well as new and lesser known genres such as travel literature, graphic novels and gothic genres. These are the topics in the second year: American Literature; British Literature; Women writers; Creative Writing and the Publishing Industry; Transatlantic Travel Writing; Philosophy, History of Knowledge, Global English, Academic English: Writing and Pronunciation.

3rd year
In the third year, the students will become a specialist either in ‘English literature in a changing world’ or ‘English literature in a visual culture,’ and conduct their own research project, resulting in a BA thesis. In the first semester of the third year, students have the opportunity to study abroad, do an internship or participate in specialized courses within or outside literary studies (i.e. a minor program). These are the courses of the third year: either Literature in a Changing World I and II or Literature in a Visual Culture I and II; and Career Orientation.

Programme overview

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