Mathematics BSc

This 3-year bachelor's degree programme allows you to specialise in both pure and applied mathematics. The programme is open for international students and taught in English.

The first year consists of a well-balanced programme that you follow together with all other students. This gives you a firm basis for the rest of your studies. In year two you decide to continue with a major in either Pure or Applied Mathematics. Various study tracks and optional courses allow you to pursue your personal interests. During your minor in the first half of year three, you focus entirely on your favourite topic. You can also pursue your minor at a foreign university. Our study counsellors will make sure that you choose the study path that suits you best. The programme finishes with a research project in which everything you learnt is combined.

Within the major Pure Mathematics, you can choose between three tracks: Algebra and Geometry, Analysis and Dynamical Systems, and Probability and Statistics. Within the major Applied Mathematics, you can choose between four tracks: Biomedical science, Computer science, Econometrics, and Data science. Within both majors, you can choose the Education track, which is taught in Dutch. After completing the Education track, you receive a qualification for teaching in Dutch high schools.

More information

  • A schematic overview of the programme (including compulsory courses and electives) can be found in the Year schedule;
  • A complete description of the programme can be found in the Teaching and Examination Regulations;
  • For more information about the programme you can contact the Study councellor (VU students only);
  • Students need to register for all courses via VUnet. You can register for courses once you are enrolled in the programme;
  • Detailed information on the courses can be found through the links below.
B Mathematics
Name course part Code
B Mathematics year 1 XB1_MAT
B Mathematics year 2 XB2_MAT
B Mathematics year 3 XB3_MAT
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