Bachelor Philosophy

The bachelor Philosophy aims at equipping students with a broad range of knowledge of and insight into:

• history of philosophy (ancient, patristic, medieval, and modern);
• systematic philosophy (ontology, epistemology, philosophy of science, logic, philosophical anthropology, political philosophy, ethics);
• a number of other subdisciplines of philosophy.

Students also acquire general and disciplinary academic skills, as well as philosophical skills relevant in non-philosophical contexts.

The bachelor consists of three stages:

• introductory stage: no previous (academic) knowledge of philosophy is required for this level;
• broadening: for this stage of your education, the introductory courses in Philosophy are presupposed or required;
• deepening: in this final stage, students work towards academic independence, applying criticism, reflection, argumentation and creativity.

More information
• Check out the course overview 2018-2019

Double bachelor
Students who already possess a bachelors degree, may apply with the board of examinations for permission to enrol in the short bachelor program. This program offers a 60EC exemption. For more information please contact the student advisor.


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