Methodology 3 and start B-thesis

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Period 4
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Fac. of Behavioural and Movement Science
dr. S.A. Los
dr. S.A. Los
dr. S.A. Los
dr. E. van Bergen
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Course objective

Preparation for the B-thesis regarding methods, statistics, writing and

Course content

In this course students will prepare for their B-thesis at the
department of Biological or Cognitive Psychology. This course is part of
the 3rd year Psychology track Genes, Brain, and Behaviour. Students
choose a B-thesis topic and will explore how various research designs
and analyses techniques may be used to shed more light on their topic.
The course will cover among others literature search, operationalisation
of research questions, quality control of data, choosing the appropriate
measurements and statistical analyses, and communication of research
results. At the end of the course students will have written and
presented a research proposal which serves as the starting point for
their B-thesis.

Form of tuition

Two lectures and one tutorial per week.

Type of assessment

Exam (40%), research proposal (50%), presentation (10%) plus additional
assignments that need to be passed. All grades need to be 5.5 or higher
in order to pass the course.The final grade is registered only upon
completion of all class assignments.

Entry requirements

The course is open for minor students Genes, Brain and Behaviour. This
course is not recommended for students who do not continue with the
B-thesis in the minor Genes, Brain and Behaviour. When in doubt, please,
see the coordinator first to discuss enrolment.


This course is taught in English.

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