Data Structures and Algorithms

Course code:
Period 1
Language of tuition:
Faculty of Science
dr. F. van Raamsdonk
dr. F. van Raamsdonk
dr. F. van Raamsdonk
Teaching method(s):
Lecture, Seminar,

Course objective

To obtain basic knowledge about data structures, algorithmic design, and
worst-case time complexity.

Course content

Concerning data structures:
Linear data structures:
stacks, queues, linked lists.
Tree-like data structures:
binary trees, binary search trees, heaps, red-black trees or AVL-trees.
Graphs-like data structures.
Hash tables.

Concerning algorithms:
sorting algorithms,
the divide-and-conquer programming paradigm,
dynamic programming,
greedy algorithms,
string matching.

Complexity analysis:
big-Oh notation, worst-case time complexity, amortized analysis.

Form of tuition

Lectures: 4 hours per week (in total 28 hours).
Exercise classes: 4 hours per week (in total 28 hours).
There may be a bonus programming assignment.

Type of assessment

A final written exam.
Possibly a mid-term exam.
Possibly a bonus programming assignment.

Course reading

Introduction to Algorithms
third edition,
Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest and Clifford
Stein, MIT Press 2009.

Entry requirements

Concerning algorithmics:
recursive procedures, arrays, elementary Java.
For instance the course Programming (X-400554) of year I of the Bachelor
Computer Science.

Concerning discrete mathematics:
some familiarity with mathematical reasoning in general and induction in
For instance the course Logic and Sets (X_401090) of year I of the
Bachelor Computer Science.
Moreover elementary knowledge of graphs.
For instance the course Networks and Graphs of year I of the Bachelor
Computer Science.

Target audience

2CS, 2BA, 3IMM, 3LI, 3W, 3Ect

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