Entrepreneurship in Data Science and Analytics

Course code:
Period 4+5
Language of tuition:
Faculty of Science
prof. dr. G.M. Koole
prof. dr. G.M. Koole
prof. dr. J.F.M. Feldberg
prof. dr. G.M. Koole
prof. dr. E. Masurel
Teaching method(s):
Lecture, Seminar,

Course objective

The objective of this course is to learn about entrepreneurship, with a
focus on IT, and especially business ideas that involve Data Science
and/or Analytics.
After this course:
- the student has knowledge on the different aspects of
- the student can write a business model canvas of a (potential)
business idea.

Course content

This course consists of several elements:
- lectures about different aspects of entrepreneurship;
- guest lectures by for example successful entrepreneurs and investors
in starting companies;
- writing a business plan for a real or imaginary company.
For students who have the intention to start their own company we will
make it possible to pitch their ideas for venture capitalists (like a
Dragons's Den).
Presence during the lectures is compulsory.
The course will be given by Enno Masurel (specialized in
Entrepreneurship, FEWEB) and Ger Koole (Analytics, FEW), assuring that
all aspects of IT entrepreneurship will be covered.

Form of tuition

weekly lectures

Type of assessment

The assessment consists of:
- a written exam
- the writing of a business plan (business model canvas)

Course reading

handouts to be distributed during the course

Target audience

mBA, mMath, mCS, mAI, mIS, mPDCS


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