Classics and Ancient Civilizations (Ma)

From September 2012 VU University and the University of Amsterdam offer a combined graduate study in Classics and Ancient Civilizations. It is organized within the Amsterdam Centre for Ancient Studies and Archaeology (ACASA) that was founded by both universities and offers several kinds of programme relating to the study of Antiquity. In ACASA you can choose a wide variety of courses so that you can specialize as classicist, archaeologist, ancient historian, assyriologist or graduate in an interdisciplinary programme.

The Master’s curriculum Classics and Ancient Civilizations consists of three programmes: Classics, Ancient History and Ancient Studies. Each programme has its own core courses and in addition you may choose from a wide variety of courses offered by both universities, that suit best your specialization. All courses are taught in English.

Programme overview

Teaching and Examination Regulations (in Dutch) on VUnet (inlog)


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