Master Classics & Ancient Civilizations, Program Classics

Choose in period 3 Term Paper or Tutorial or Master Language: Greek
Epigraphy (Athens).

Choose in period 4 Latin Literature or Master Language: Latin Epigraphy
on location (Rome).

Choose in period 5 Late Greek and Late Latin Literature or an elective
from the Amsterdam Centre for Ancient Studies and Archaeology (ACASA),
or elsewhere worth 6 credits.
Course name Period Credits Code Pdf
Master Thesis Classics and Ancient Civilizations Ac. Year (September) 18.0 L_OAMAOHSSCR
Interdisciplinary Seminar: Rulers Ideology and Representation Period 1 6.0 L_OAMAOHS008
Methodology: Intertextuality and Classical Storytelling Period 1 6.0 L_AAMAOHS047
Greek and Latin Linguistics: Syntactic, Rhetorical and Discourse Pragmatic Units Period 2 6.0 L_AAMAOHS040
Greek Literature: Plato's Republic Period 2 6.0 L_XGMAOHS004
Term Paper Ancient History and Ancient Studies Period 3 6.0 L_OAMAOHS003
Tutorial Classics & Ancient Civilization Period 3 6.0 L_OAMAOHS006
Latin Epigraphy on location Period 4 5.0 L_BEMAOHD002
Latin Literature: The Poetics of Civil War: Lucan's Bellum Civile Period 4 6.0 L_AAMAOHS039
Name course part Code Pdf
Programme Classics, Electives Semester 2 LM_SPGL_K2
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