M Drug Discovery and Safety CSE variant Communication

This specialization is intended for students with a BSc degree in any of
the bèta-studies who want to specialize in communication. The programme
focuses on science communication theory, research and practice. The
programme of the communication (C) specialization is 1 year (60
EC). This specialization may not be combined with te Societal
specialization (M) or the Education specialization (E). C-courses are
shared with master students from the Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences.


For a specialization degree it is required to spend 60 credits on
Science Communication components. Two courses, one internship and a
thesis are compulsory. The rest of the programme can be filled with
optional courses. While science communication research is always a
component of a students' internship, students have the opportunity to
choose for placement at institutes such as newspapers, museums, science
centers, companies, etc. to hone their practical as well as academic
skills. Students' thesis comprise short (9 credits) literature studies
on research questions about aspects of science communication.

To complete his or her entire Master programme (120 credits), the
student has to choose 60 credits Chemistry courses.
Before formal enrolment, the students' programme has to be approved by
the master coordinator as well as the programme coordinator for the
Science Communication
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Recommended optional courses. 18 EC XM_DDS_C1_C
DDS Courses XM_DDS_D
Compulsory Courses XM_DDS_V1
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