Econometrics and Operations Research (MSc)

The Master's programme in Econometrics and Operations Research is an academic programme that consists of two tracks: Econometrics and Operations Research.

The track Econometrics focuses on developments in theory, methodology and application of econometric and statistical methods for the analysis of financial, marketing and economic data, nowadays often Big Data. The track Operations Research focuses on the development and application of quantitative methods for analysing economic issues. This Master programme is an excellent preparation for a wide range of academic and professional careers where quantitative methods play a central role. Students in Econometrics have a broad orientation and can find employment in data science companies, financial institutions, central banks, government agencies, and consultancy firms. Students in Operations Research are often employed as experts in optimizing strategic and operational business processes for airlines, railways and other logistic companies.

Econometrics connects to many academic disciplines including mathematics, statistics, computer science, economics, finance, and business studies, and is primarily concerned with the science and art of using statistics, data science and econometric methods for the analysis of economic/finance/marketing data. Operations Research connects mainly to mathematics, computer science, finance and business studies, and is concerned with optimizing strategic and operational business processes that can be found in transport flows, stock management and operating systems. Given the broad orientation for both tracks, the Master’s programme can be regarded as a general quantitative study.

For talented and ambitious students, we offer the Master students the extra opportunity of a MSc Honours Programme in which they can broaden and deepen their knowledge on state-of-the-art methods. The Master’s programme in Econometrics and Operations Research is taught in English, comprises 60 EC, and consists of several specializations. In the Econometrics track we offer the specialisations Econometric Theory, Financial Econometrics, Marketing Data Science, and Quantitative Economics. In the Operations Research track we offer the specialisations Operations Research Theory, Supply Chain Management, and Financial Engineering.

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