Human Movement Sciences: Sport, Exercise and Health (Research) (MSc)

The two-year (120EC) programme Human Movement Sciences: Sport, Exercise and Health (Research) aims at training for so-called “translational research”; research on the cutting edge of fundamental and clinical human movement sciences that tries to integrate fundamental knowledge and clinical questions. This requires a strongly multidisciplinary approach, but also a well developed knowledge and experience of the workings of fundamental research and clinical practice. The Research Master's offers a very broad, but human movement oriented programme, stretching from molecular biology to cognitive neuroscience and human motor behaviour. The programme intends to prepare students for a research career in the area of movement-related disorders.

Admission to the programme
The programme is open for students with a clinical, science or technical BSc diploma related to the field of Movement Sciences. The Master’s programme is a so-called selective master, which implies that the programme has a maximum intake of thirty students per year and that admission is linked to strict criteria such as the average grade (for either BSc-, or premaster programme), the quality of the premaster / bachelor research project and of course, motivation and proficiency in English.

Structure of the programme
The first year of the programme is dedicated to training for research, which embraces a core programme on subjects relevant for translational, interdisciplinary research, training in general research methods and methology and selective courses to prepare especially for the research year.

The second year is dedicated to research and is spent as either one internship (60EC), or a combination of a minor (24EC) and major internship (36EC). The department offers ample possibilities for spending (part of the) internship abroad.

The research master programme coordinator serves as the advisor for all students. Approval of all study programmes has to be obtained from the Examination Board.

Master courses are taught in English. The course material is in English.

Overview Research Master Human Movement Sciences 2018-2019

Teaching and Examination Regulations Research Master programme in Human Movement Sciences 2018-2019


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