Master Law, Specialization International Technology Law

The Master's degree programme in Law, specialization International
Technology Law has a study load of 60 credits, 1 academic year.

The programme consists of:

• 4 compulsory courses:
Technology Law (12 EC)
Big Data, Human Rights and Human Security (6 EC)
Legal Methodology (Methoden van Rechtswetenschap) (6 EC)
Thesis (Scriptie) (12 EC)

• 1 integration course (6 EC), choose from the list below

• 1 elective course of the specialization (6 EC), choose from the
list below

• 2 elective courses, from the lists below or not specifically
related to this specialization (total of 12 EC), or 1 elective course (6
EC) + an internship (min. 6 EC).

To consult the year planning of the programme please visit: > Students > Schedules and Courses > Course and programme
schedules or VuNet.
Name course part Code Pdf
International Technology Law (Compulsory) RMR_S_ITLC
International Technology Law (Electives) RMR_S_ITLE
International Technology Law (Integration) RMR_S_ITLI
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