Mathematics MSc

The master programme Mathematics of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam offers students a wide range of advanced mathematics courses. The students have a variety of options to specialize in a (sub)field of fundamental or applied mathematics. They can also choose broader subjects with an eye towards applications or a profession.

Reflecting these possibilities, each student enrols in one of the following six tracks:

·         Algebra and Geometry (A&G)
·         Analysis and Dynamical Systems (A&DS)
·         Stochastics (S)
·         Education (E)
·         Teachers (T)
·         Biomedical Mathematics (BM)

The A&G, A&DS and S tracks contain 9 EC compulsory courses (the master seminar and the course ‘Scientific writing in English’), a number of track specific mandatory courses and at least two advanced courses. Students are allowed to choose at most 15 EC elective courses (possibly outside mathematics), choose mathematics master courses for the remaining creditpoints (under certain restrictions) and complete their studies with a master project (or internship) of 36 EC. The same applies to the BM track, but in this track there are at most 9 EC elective courses (possibly outside mathematics) and 30 EC of the courses are to be chosen from an area of life science.

The T track is designed for students with a ‘HBO tweedegraads lesbevoegdheid wiskunde’ who finished a premaster at the VU. The T track consists of 42 EC mandatory courses, 24 EC Mathematics master courses (under certain restrictions), 24 EC master project and 30 EC courses for the teaching qualification (including internship). The E track is aimed at students with a BSc Mathematics who want to obtain a ‘eerstegraads lesbevoegdheid’. These students follow 12 EC elective courses (possibly outside mathematics), choose 24 EC mathematics master courses (under certain restrictions), do a master project of 24 EC, and complete their studies with 60 EC courses aimed at obtaining their teaching qualification. Details about the compulsory and elective courses in the different tracks can be found in the study guide.

At the start of every semester, students discuss their intended programme with the master coordinator. Mathematics courses can be selected from the ‘local’ courses offered by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam, but also from the MasterMath programme that is offered jointly by nine Dutch Universities.

The master project is carried out under the supervision of a staff member of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam or the University of Amsterdam. In case of an internship the student has both a local advisor at a company and a supervisor from one of the two institutes; please contact the internship office roughly half a year before the start of the internship. In the A&G, A&DS, S and BM tracks the student can only start the master project or internship after obtaining at least 75 EC. 

More information

  • All compulsory courses and electives you find in the year schedule;
  • A complete description of the programme you find in the Teaching and Examination Regulations;
  • For more information about the programma you can contact the academic advisor (VU students only);
  • As a VU student you need to register for all courses via VUnet. Only after you completed your enrollment for the study programme you can register for courses;
  • More information on all the courses you find through the links below.
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