Medical Natural Sciences MSc

Structure of the training

The Master's programme of Medical Natural Sciences offers three different variants for graduation:

  • MNS programme (O - variant)
  • Society oriented variant (M - variant)
  • Communication variant (C - variant)
  • Education variant (E - variant)


Schematic overview of the Master course Medical Natural sciences (in cp):

Compulsory courses (Major)36181812
Research project (Major)39363636
Literature study6666
Minor programme (obligatory in O-variant)21---
Internship (e.g. at a company)-3030-
M or C projects-2424-
High school teacher education---60
Writing a scientific article3333
Optional program O-variant, for example
- Deficiency courses
- Extension research project
- Extension literature study
- extra courses

Total (cp)120120120120

The programme consists of 120 credits: 

- compulsory courses 90 credits (including a Minor research project of 21 credits, Master Research Project of 39 credits and a Colloquium and thesis report of 6 credits about the Master Project)
- restricted choice 18 credits from a list
- optional courses 12 credits (free to choose)

Note: Every programme, including the choice of optional courses, has to be discussed and agreed upon with the master coordinator or a personal mentor and approved by the Examination Board.

More information

  • All compulsory courses and electives you find in the year schedule;
  • A complete description of the programme you find in the Teaching and Examination Regulations;
  • For more information about the programma you can contact the academic advisor (VU students only);
  • As a VU student you need to register for all courses via VUnet. Only after you completed your enrollment for the study programme you can register for courses;
  • More information on all the courses you find through the links below.

For more information please contact the master coordinator:

dr. ir. T.J.C. Faes
Radiologie & Nucleaire Geneeskunde, VU medische centrum.
T +31 (0) 20 44 40178/44 43746



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