Neurosciences (MSc)

Master of Neurosciences 

The Neurosciences Master's program at the VU is a joint initiative by the Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences, the Faculty of Psychology and Education and the VU University Medical Center.
Information on admission criteria, the application procedure, and deadlines

The programme is embedded in the Neuroscience Campus Amsterdam and thereby offers you the chance to integrate the full range of neuroscience disciplines. The advantage of this Master's programme is that you always have access to experts within your chosen field, whichever specialization you opt for. These experts form part of national and international cooperative networks, so your studies need not be restricted to the VU.

Schedule and program of the Master

M Neurosciences (research)
Name course part Code
M Neurosciences year 1 AM1_NS
M Neurosciences year 2 AM2_NS
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