M Oral Health Sciences

Master's Programme in Oral Health Sciences (Joint Degree)

The Master’s programme in Oral Health Sciences is a three-year degree programme (in total 180 EC). After completion of the programme, students receive an internationally recognized Master of Science diploma in Oral Health Sciences, in  one of the following career profiles: Endodontology, Oral Implantology and Implant Prosthodontics, Oral Kinesiology and Periodontology.[1]

The curriculum 
Every year, the OHS curriculum includes the following four components with an equal ratio between academic training and clinical training practice:

Generic modules (in total 32 EC);
Profile specific modules (10 EC per year) 
In-depth clinical skills in one of the five profiles (30 EC per year).
Research track (in total 28 EC).

Ad 1. To stimulate cross-disciplinary interaction, students from all profiles jointly follow a number of OHS modules, such as Epidemiology & Evidence-Based Practice in Dentistry and Oral Health Care, Methods and Statistics, Radiology (CBCT) and English Scientific Writing. To further stimulate cross-disciplinary collaboration, students from all profiles meet up for the Joint Research and Case Presentations on a regular basis to learn about individual research projects and to help each other find answers to multi-disciplinary cases.

Ad 2+3. During their studies, students acquire broader and deeper theoretical and multi-disciplinary knowledge, and more in-depth clinical skills, in the career profile they have chosen:

a)    Endodontology;

b)    Oral Implantology and Implant Prosthodontics;

c)    Oral Kinesiology;

d)    Periodontology.

Ad 4. Preparations for the final thesis start in year 1 and carry on throughout the programme in the Research Track. Each student independently carries out a research project which concerns a topic in the field of oral health and dentistry. In the thesis, the student reports about the results of the project and discusses and evaluates the results in the light of recent publications.

By the end of the third year, students will have developed into specialised dentists with academic knowledge and research skills beyond the Master’s level and with excellent professional skills in one of the career profiles of dentistry.

Main aim of the degree programme and intended learning outcomes
The OHS programme aims to provide clinical and academic education in Oral Health Sciences to national and international dentists seeking to deepen and complement their knowledge and prior education and wishing to differentiate into a specialised dentist in Endontology, Oral Implantology and Implant Prosthodontics, Oral Kinesiology or Periodontology.

During their studies, the students acquire broader and extended academic theoretical and multi-disciplinary knowledge and more in-depth clinical skills in Oral Health Sciences and specifically in the career profile they have chosen at the start of the programme. All graduates will be capable of treating complex oral health problems in different clinical settings and will continue their career as specialised dentists in a general, specialised, academic or multidisciplinary environment. Their work will mainly consist of treating complex patients referred to them by general dentists and they will serve as an authority in their field.

The OHS programme follows the learning outcomes described in the Dentistry Framework, including the Dublin descriptors. In addition to this, the teaching objectives for Domains I (Resolving clinical dentistry problems) and VI (Dentistry skills) are in line with the professional requirements defined by the relevant (inter)national professional bodies. The overall assessment of the OHS programme covers all the competences at level 5 (“experienced”). An exception is made for the competences described in Domain IV, Dentistry Skills, which are not all achieved at level 5 by all profiles, the reason being that they are not all relevant to all of the profiles.
[1] The profile in Paediatric Dentistry was added after the MSc in Oral Health Sciences was accredited in 2016 and does therefore not yet officially lead to an MSc degree. Formal inclusion depends on the outcome of the reaccreditation process that will be taking place in 2018-2019.

M Oral Health Sciences (joint degree)
Name course part Code
Graduation Profile Endodontology TQ_OHS_ENDO
Graduation Profile Oral Implantology TQ_OHS_OIMPL
Graduation Profile Oral Kinesiology TQ_OHS_OKI
Graduation Profile Periodontology TQ_OHS_PERIO
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