Practical Training Organizational Psychology

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Ac. Year (September)
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Fac. of Behavioural and Movement Science
dr. J. Buczny
dr. J. Buczny

Course objective

The purpose of an internship is to enable students to gain experience in
the practical application of their theoretical knowledge and to acquire
new knowledge and skills in the field of Work and Organizational
Psychology. It is possible to collect data for the Master Thesis during
the internship.

Course content

The internship represents the students’ first step to professional
practice or an academic career. The internship gives students the
opportunity to take part in the daily practices of
institutions/organizations, to gain work experience under professional
supervision, and to gain insight into their aspirations. The internship
(i.e. the practical diagnostic experience)
is one of the requirements of the Basic Diagnostic Registration (BAPD)
of the Dutch Association of Psychologists (NIP).

Form of tuition

Individual supervision by the internship supervisor and a department

Type of assessment

The final grade will be based on the evaluation by the internship
supervisor and a written report.

Course reading

Depending on the topic.

Entry requirements

The internship usually takes place at the end of the master trajectory.
A bachelor degree is required to start the internship.


Students need to sign up for this course via VUnet at the start of the
academic year.

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