Cross-cultural and Global Mental Health

Course code:
Period 4
Language of tuition:
Fac. of Behavioural and Movement Science
dr. E.M. Sijbrandij
dr. E.M. Sijbrandij
dr. E.M. Sijbrandij
Teaching method(s):
Lecture, Study Group

Course objective

After the completion of this course, students will have gained:

Knowledge on:
(1) Characteristics of and evidence for psychological and psychosocial
interventions used in cross-cultural and global mental health care.
(2) Epidemiology of mental disorders in global settings.
(3) The relationship between migration and mental health
(4) Challenges of assessment of mental health problems in cultural
diverse populations.
(5) Barriers to delivering psychological and psychosocial interventions
used in cross-cultural and global mental health care.
(6) Challenges to conduct scientific research in diverse populations
across high income settings and in low and middle income settings.

Practical skills in:
(6) Administration of Cultural Formulation Interview.
(7) Practice with qualitative interviewing techniques to inform cultural
adaptation of psychological interventions for use in cross-cultural and
global mental health care.
(8) Reporting on the results of formative research aimed at cultural
adaptation of psychological interventions
(10) Specific therapeutic strategies used in cross-cultural mental
health care

Course content

The course “Cross-cultural and global mental health” focuses on the
epidemiology, phenomenology and diagnosis of mental health problems in
non-western and diverse populations, including migrant and refugee
patients presenting in mental health care institutions in high income
settings (e.g., the Netherlands), and patients living in other parts of
the world, sometimes under precarious circumstances in humanitarian
settings. The course also addresses effective psychological and
psychosocial interventions for mental disorders in migrant and refugee
populations, and in low resource settings around the globe.

Form of tuition

7 lectures, 7 practicals

Type of assessment

Exam (50%) / Written assignment (50%)

Course reading

The course literature will consist of scientific articles, to be
announced on Canvas

Target audience

The course is an elective course for Master students Clinical Psychology
and Clinical Developmental Psychology. In addition, students in the
Research Master Clinical and Developmental Psychology are also allowed
to follow this course as an elective course.

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