Science, Business and Innovation MSc

The master program Science, Business & Innovation (SBI) aims to contribute to the persistent and growing need in academia, society and business for scientific and practical insights into valorization of scientific knowledge and findings. A combined understanding of the natural sciences, as well as of business and social sciences is supportive to knowledge and practice development in the field of valorization of (natural) scientific knowledge.

The master program SBI intently and substantially crosses the boundaries of natural and social sciences, within the context of natural scientific innovation. The learning process is structured and driven by developing scientific research projects in the specific empirical setting. This takes place within one of the following specialization areas:
1) Energy & Sustainability, with an emphasis on renewable and clean energy development;
2) Life & Health, emphasizing drug development, molecular diagnostics and innovative medical instrumentation. 

Structure of the program

The curriculum comprises the following:
- Compulsory business and innovation courses (18 EC)
- Specialisation-related science elective courses (12 EC)
- One specialisation-related compulsory integration course (6 EC)
- Science project (24 EC)
- Master project (36 EC)
- Compulsory Research Methodology course (6 EC)
- Electives (18 EC) If the student wishes to take a different unit of study than the units of study listed, advance permission must be obtained in writing from the Examinations Board.

Personal Education Plan: At the start of the program, students must fill in a Personal Education Plan (PEP)

More information

  • All compulsory courses and electives you find in the year schedule;
  • A complete description of the programme you find in the Teaching and Examination Regulations;
  • For more information about the programma you can contact the academic advisor (VU students only);
  • As a VU student you need to register for all courses via VUnet. Only after you completed your enrollment for the study programme you can register for courses;
  • More information on all the courses you find through the links below.
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