Master's programme Theology & Religious Studies (60 ec)

The master’s programme Theology and Religious Studies consists of six specializations, aiming at different professions:

  • Building Interreligious Relations
  • Exploring a Discipline
  • Media
  • Peace, Trauma and Religion
  • Spiritual Care

The specialization Spiritual Care consists of general courses and of courses that are specifically meant for education within one’s own religious background, e.g., Islam, Protestant Christianity, Eastern Orthodoxy, Buddhism, Judaism. There is also a possibility for “free” students to follow this specialization in order to become an independent care-giver.

The specialization Exploring a Discipline gives the opportunity to follow the first year of the Research Master. The “discipline” that is being explored is one of the disciplines of the Research Master:

•    Biblical Studies and Digital Humanities (Old and/or New Testament)
•    Innovation of Traditions in Early Christianity (New Testament and Patristics)
•    Bible Translation
•    History of Religious Migration (Church History)
•    Reformed and Evangelical Theology in Contemporary Society
•    Building Interreligious Relations
•    Peace, Trauma and Religion

Programme overviews 2018-2019    

Course descriptions

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