Minor Amsterdam Urban History

Here you will find all descriptions of courses in the minor. Please go to www.minor.vu.nl/en/ for more information about the contents of the minor programme.

Course name Period Credits Code Pdf
Amsterdam: A Historical Introduction Period 1 6.0 L_AABAALG056
Architecture: A History Period 1 6.0 L_KBBAMKD201
History of Architecture, Tutorial 2 Period 1+2+3 6.0 L_KBBAAG308
Roma Caput Mundi Period 1+2+3 6.0 L_KABAKGS304
Amsterdam Jewish Culture Period 2 6.0 L_GCBAALG007
Amsterdam: Global Historical Perspectives Period 2 6.0 L_AABAALG057
Dutch Literature and Culture of the Golden Age Period 2 6.0 L_NOBAALG005
Great Cities Period 2 6.0 L_KBBAMKD204
Amsterdam: Comparing Heritage Projects Period 2+3 6.0 L_AABAALG058
Transatlantic Connections Period 2+3 6.0 L_GABAALG016
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